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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

Life at the University

Life at the University

The University emphasizes three cardinal elements: superior teaching by a strong, well-trained faculty; a personal interest in total development of the individual student; and a warm-hearted spirit among students, staff, and faculty. Students pursue their studies in an atmosphere that is conducive to growth, both academic and personal. Classes are intellectually free and stimulating; most are small enough to permit a close relationship between student and teacher.

The academic program is paramount. In addition, opportunities are provided for the broadening of interests and social relationships, for leadership and service, for participation in a constructive sports and recreation program, and for the building of lasting friendships.

Cultural Opportunities

The University of Hartford has gained a wide reputation for the quality of cultural activities and fine arts exhibitions that take place on campus. More than 400 performances in the form of student and faculty concerts, theatre, and dance productions are presented at The Hartt School for the enjoyment of the Greater Hartford public and the University community. The Joseloff Gallery of the Hartford Art School exhibits works by student, faculty, and guest artists; conducts a visiting artist program; and presents films, workshops, and other special events.

University Players, the student theatre group, presents stage productions in the fall and spring. Outstanding films are screened frequently during the academic year. In addition, the University offers lecture series, debates, seminars, and special exhibitions.

The many fine resources of Connecticut’s capital region are available for the development of the students’ cultural and intellectual interests. These include excellent libraries, museums, theaters, and symphony orchestras. A progressive and rapidly growing urban center, Hartford also provides students with many opportunities to participate in community services.

Student Participation in Governance and Cocurricular Activities

Student Government Association. The student governing body, which represents all full-time, tuition-based, undergraduate students, is the Student Government Association, Gengras Student Union, telephone 860.768.4775. Through it, the students join in developing and coordinating the cocurricular activities of the University. Students are also represented on the major administrative committees of the University and on its board of regents. They are involved in the process of planning for the future as well as working to ensure a sound program while they are on campus.

There are many active organizations on the campus. These range from special interest groups in government, international relations, and psychology, to those with wider focus concerning social, political, and religious interests, as well as national and local social, honorary, and professional fraternities.

All University students are encouraged to participate in an extensive program of physical education, including intercollegiate and intramural athletics.

Student publications include a weekly newspaper, a literary and art magazine, a yearbook, and a student directory.

Student Association Lawyer. Consultative services of an experienced lawyer are available without charge to undergraduate students, as an SGA-sponsored program.

Tutoring Programs.  The Student Success Center’s TutorZone program provides free, one-on-one tutoring for undergraduate students with University of Hartford students who have received an A or A- in the course and who have recommendations from their professors and/or advisors.  To request a tutor or to become a tutor, visit the Student Success Center, located behind B Complex across from Hawk Hall.  (See also the Center for Reading and Writing, Learning Plus, and the Math Tutoring Lab.)

Code of Student Conduct. All University of Hartford students possess certain rights and privileges together with corresponding duties and responsibilities. Every student is entitled to freedom of action as a necessary expression of scholarly activity. Each individual is due respect of his/her personal dignity and property. In turn, he/she is responsible for maintaining standards of conduct that do not interfere with the rights of others or with the effective functioning of the University as a center of inquiry and learning.

Students are admitted to the University with the understanding that they accept the University’s basic principles and codes of behavior. Violations of University regulations will result in appropriate penalties, including suspension or expulsion from the University. The student handbook, The Source, is issued by the Student Affairs Office, and this handbook contains both the Academic Honesty Policy and the University Code of Student Conduct.

Student Conduct. The University Code of Student Conduct addresses conduct violations that are not academic. Through this code students are held accountable for their behavior. The code provides for boards that hear violations of the University’s Code of Student Conduct. The code also clearly states judicial policies and procedures.

Academic Honesty. The purpose of the academic honesty policy is to provide a clear statement to students and faculty of the University’s expectations regarding academic honesty and to set forth procedures for the enforcement of this policy.

University of Hartford Residence Hall Regulations. The statement of policy concerning the University’s Code of Student Conduct applies to all residential situations. Students are expected to abide by policies set forth in The Source and the Housing Contract. The Code of Student Conduct is monitored by residence hall staff and enforced by the University’s Judicial System. Community, state, and federal laws apply in the complexes and Hawk Hall; Village, Regents Park, and Park River Apartments; and the Asylum Avenue residence halls.