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    University of Hartford
  Nov 22, 2017
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin

Theatre Division


Grace Barton Harvey, ballet
Annmarie Davis, movement
Robert Davis, acting, voice and speech, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Cody Dry, vocal coach
Joseph Dulude II, makeup
Robert Felstein, vocal coach
Paul Feyer, vocal coach
Stephen Hays, vocal coach
Jill Giles, guest director
Melanie Guerin, vocal coach
Kristin Huffman, voice
Terry Layman, guest director
Tracey Marble, voice
Debbie Markowitz, Production Stage Manager
Diana Moller-Marino, movement, acting
Michael Montel, guest director
Tracey Moore, acting, career preparation
Johanna Morrison, voice and speech
Ricky Oliver, acting
Eric Ort, acting
Jeanine Pardey, vocal instruction
Carolyn Paulus, voice
Ralph Perkins, Director of Dance in Music Theatre
Dorothy Pettit, dance
John Pike, text analysis
Mark Planner, voice
Larry Raiken, voice
Philip Rittner, vocal coach
Janelle Robinson, vocal instruction
Alan Rust, acting, speech, Director of Theatre Division
Darko Tresnjak, guest lecturer
David Watson, voice and speech, acting, mask
Joni Weisfeld, movement
Michael Wilson, guest lecturer
Mark Womack, voice
Darlene Zoller, dance


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