May 22, 2019  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog


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Professors Bogucki (emeritus), Craft, Gray, Pence, Workman (emeritus)
Associate Professors  Mahan (Chair), Sharpless (emeritus), Shattuck
Assistant Professor  Krause

The Bachelor of Arts program is primarily for students who have a special interest in chemistry but who intend to pursue careers in such fields as medicine, dentistry, education, or business.

The Bachelor of Science program is designed to meet the standards set by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society, and students who complete the B.S. program will be ACS certified upon graduation. This program offers students the opportunity to prepare for careers in chemistry or related professions. With its heavier concentration in science and mathematics, it prepares a student for positions in the chemical industry or for graduate school.

Environmental Studies and Environmental Sciences

The college is currently developing majors in environmental disciplines, which can currently be completed as Contract Majors .

Pre-Pharmacy agreement with University of St. Joseph

The University of Hartford, in conjunction with the University of St. Joseph Pharmacy School, offers a path to earn both a B.A. in Chemistry and Pharm. D. degree in six years. Students who expect to transition from the BA in Chemistry to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program at St. Joseph’s University should discuss this option with their adviser and the Chair of the Chemistry Department as soon as they arrive on campus, as there are particular courses students must complete to be eligible for matriculation at St. Joseph’s University. Eligible students must apply for admission to the St. Joseph’s program during the summer before the junior year. Students accepted into the Pharmacy Program at St.  Joseph’s will complete their requirements for the B.A. in Chemistry at St. Joseph’s during their senior year as they begin their Pharmacy coursework. The B.A. degree is awarded after the first completed year at the University of St. Joseph. For more information about the program’s requirements, please consult with the Chair of the Chemistry Department.

Writing Requirement

In the Chemistry department, the Arts and Sciences writing requirement will be fulfilled in laboratory courses by the required weekly laboratory reports, a term paper, or problem sets. In non-laboratory courses, the requirement will be met by a term paper, essay questions on examinations, or problem sets. It is expected that a median of about 2,000 words will be required per student per semester for all upper-level courses.

Graduate Courses

The following graduate-level courses are open to qualified students; for further details, see the University of Hartford Graduate Catalog.

  • CH 519 - Applied Environmental Chemistry 3 Credits
  • CH 520 - Advanced Analytical Chemistry 3 Credits
  • CH 530 - Advanced Organic Chemistry 3 Credits
  • CH 534 - Polymer Chemistry I 3 Credits
  • CH 540 - Advanced Physical Chemistry 3 Credits
  • CH 550 - Inorganic Structure and Bonding 3 Credits
  • CH 551 - Chemical Kinetics 3 Credits
  • CH 590 - Special Topics in Chemistry 3 Credits
  • CH 591 - Special Topics in Chemistry 3 Credits
  • CH 592 - Special Topics in Chemistry 4 Credits
  • CH 593 - Special Topics in Chemistry 4 Credits


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