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2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Pre-Law Advising Program

The Pre-Law Advising program at the University of Hartford is designed to assist students considering law school as an option. The program structure affords students the opportunity to complete a major of their choice while being part of a learning-community program focused on pursuing a career in the law. A student organization, the Pre-Law Society, sponsors numerous social and educational events during the academic year.

Seven pre-law faculty advisors are available to work with students and their academic advisors to select courses of study designed to prepare them for the study of law while satisfying degree requirements for the baccalaureate. The committee also develops and periodically reviews a list of recommended courses for students interested in attending law school. The list contains courses that are identified by the committee as ones that develop skills established by the American Bar Association as important for a pre-law curriculum: analytic and problem-solving skills, critical reading abilities, writing skills, oral communication and listening abilities, general research skills, task organization and management skills, and the values of serving others and promoting justice.

Committee Members

Jane Horvath (Chair), Associate Professor of Economics
Jilda Aliotta, Associate Professor of Politics and Government
Mark Blackwell, Associate Professor of English
Irene Conley, Associate Professor of Music Management
Regina Graziani, Director of Paralegal Studies
Karen Gantt, Assistant Professor of Business Law
Monica Hardesty, Professor of Sociology
Ladimer Nagurney, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


    Pre-Law Advising Program