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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Dual MBA/MSAT Program

Program Information

Dr. Annette Rogers (Associate Dean of Academics and Services) 860.768.4270,

Laura D’Angelo-Gohn (Director of Graduate Programs) 860.768.4785,

Students who wish to earn both the Master of Science in Accounting and Taxation degree (MSAT) and the Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) may apply to be admitted to the Dual MSAT/MBA degree program. Upon completion of all degree requirements, students will be awarded both the MSAT and MBA degrees. Students must apply to each program separately and meet the admission criteria for each program. Students then complete the degree requirements in the usual manner, with the exception of the number of electives and certain prerequisite overlap.

Students should refer to the Catalog descriptions for the individual MSAT  and MBA  programs, adapted as follows.

MSAT Required Courses (21 credits)

Choose EITHER the Financial/Assurance Track OR the Taxation Track. The following courses are required for both tracks:

Electives (12 credits)

4 graduate MSAT or MBA electives.


Students without an Accounting Undergraduate Degree would add the following courses:

AC 320 - Financial Reporting Theory I
AC 321 - Financial Reporting Theory II
AC 322 - Financial Reporting Theory III
AC 332 - Cost Management
AC 425 - Federal Income Tax Concepts
AC 430 Auditing Concepts and Problems


AC 625 - Financial Reporting Standards and Practices I  
AC 626 - Financial Reporting Standards and Practices II  
AC 627 - Individual Income Tax  
AC 628 - Auditing Standards and Practices