Dec 02, 2022  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Music Theory Minor

The undergraduate minor in music theory is open to all Hartt B.Mus. students who want to broaden their experience in music theory. To complete this minor, the student must register for a letter grade for all courses counting toward the minor and must not receive more than one C in those courses.

Applicants are required to interview in person with a Hartt music theory faculty member. The interview provides an opportunity for the applicant to discuss the program. During the interview, the applicant will be asked to verbally analyze the melody, harmony, and form of an excerpt from the Beethoven piano sonatas. The interview allows the faculty member to evaluate the applicant’s background and training in music theory.

While pursuing the undergraduate music theory minor, the student is required to register for the Music Theory Colloquium and to participate in the annual department music theory review.

Admission Process

1. The student is to secure approval to begin the program by successfully completing an interview with a faculty member of the music theory department.

2. Fill out and process the University change of major form to add the minor. This form requires the signatures of the student’s major advisor, the music theory department chair, and the academic studies co-director.

Courses (22 credits)