May 21, 2024  
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

Music Education, Jazz Track, M.M.Ed.

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Master of Music Education

The Master of Music Education (M.M.Ed.) degree program is intended for new and experienced music teachers who seek advanced study in music curriculum and instruction. Applicants for this degree will have completed a bachelor’s degree in music education at an accredited institution and will have obtained their teacher certification. Part-time and summers-only programs of study are available for teachers who hold full-time teaching positions. The Music Education department strongly urges applicants to complete one year of experience in the field before beginning an M.M.Ed. degree.

Candidates for the Master of Music Education have the option of pursuing a non-thesis course of study that focuses on teaching pedagogy and teaching techniques or a thesis-required course of study (academic year only) that focuses on methodological, historical, or experimental research. Non-thesis emphases include pedagogy, technology, Kodály, choral conducting, and wind band conducting. Thesis-required emphases include early childhood and research. Thesis-track students must have one year of full-time teaching experience.

The M.M.Ed. consists of 37-42 credits that include (a) 13 credits of music education core courses, (b) 12 credits of music history and music theory courses, and (c) 12-15 credits of music education emphasis courses. Master of Music Education programs must be completed within five years from the date of matriculation.

Core Courses

Other Studies (12 credits)


1HLM 611 -HLM 613  Graduate Music History Review (must be taken first if required per placement exam).

2TH 611 , TH 612 , TH 613 , TH 614  Graduate Music Theory Review and Graduate Ear Training Review (must be taken first if required per placement exam).

3TH 614 - Graduate Ear Training Review  (must be taken first if required per placement exam).

 , HLM 612 , and HLM 613 , and TH 611 , TH 612 , TH 613 , and TH 614  do not fulfill requirements in music history or music theory.

Jazz Track Courses (12 credits)

Performing Organizations (0 credits)

Students are expected to be in a performing organization each semester of full-time enrollment. If qualified, students may elect to perform in additional performing ensembles.

Summers Only Master of Music Education

Hartt’s Music Education Division offers non-thesis emphases for summer-only study: Kodály and Pedagogy. The M.M.Ed. can be completed in three summers. Master of Music Education students may take Summerterm workshops to fulfill degree requirements. For further information about Summerterm study go to

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