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2012-2013 Graduate Bulletin 
2012-2013 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Music Education, Conducting Intensive Studies, D.M.A.

Doctor of Musical Arts— Music Education

The D.M.A. with a major in music education is intended for students who have interests in advanced music pedagogical skills, educational theories, and knowledge of music literature and curriculum. A course of study will be offered for the advanced understanding of current learning processes, teaching and curriculum development. The purpose of the D.M.A. is to teach in-depth knowledge/ skills in a subject field and provide understanding of research in that subject field so students are able to effectively translate research into education practice. The D.M.A. may be described as an advanced practice degree. Students will learn advanced methods of instruction, performance, conducting, and theoretical concepts related to music curriculum. Typical subject fields are historical/theoretical facets of music education, leadership and administration of music programs, philosophical considerations for school music, music performance, conducting, and the disciplines of classroom instruction, assessment, and ensemble rehearsal. Upon completion of the D.M.A. in music education, students will seek careers in higher education, as teachers, and/or as fine arts/music program administrators.

The D.M.A. in music education comprises core courses and an area of intensive study. A year of residency with full-time status—that is, a course load of 9–13 credits per semester—is required. Doctor of Musical Arts programs must be completed within seven years from the date of matriculation.

Music History and Theory Electives (12 credits)

  • TH - Music theory electives 6 credit(s) 1
  • HLM 615 - Pro-seminar in Music History 3 credit(s) 2
  • HLM - Music history elective 3 credit(s)


1TH 611 , TH 612 , TH 613 , TH 614 - Graduate Ear Training Review  Requirement (must be taken first if required per placement exam).

2HLM 611 , HLM 612 , HLM 613 - Graduate Music History Review: Romantic and Early 20th-Century Music  Review (must be taken first if required per placement exam)

Additional other studies courses may be required if deficiencies are discovered as a result of a diagnostic placement exam.

HLM 611 , HLM 612 , and HLM 613 , and TH 611 , TH 612 , TH 613 , and TH 614  do not fulfill requirements in music history or music theory.

Total credits for degree: 60