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2017-2018 Graduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]


Detailed information may be obtained from the resources listed below. For information in categories other than these, contact the Office of Admission and Student Financial Assistance.

The mailing address for all University of Hartford offices is University of Hartford, 200 Bloomfield Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06117-1599.

To contact departments not listed below, call the University’s main number, 860.768.4100.

University information and a searchable phone directory may be found at www.hartford.edu.

Resource/Location* Department Phone
Admission-Graduate Services (CC)   860.768.4371
Admission-Undergraduate (BH)    860.768.4296
Bursar (CC)    
  Billing Inquiries 860.768.4999
  Collections Department 860.768.4360
  FFEL Loan Disbursements 860.768.4438
  Perkins Loan Processing 860.768.4438
  Third-Party Billing 860.768.4360
Campus Store 860.768.4801
Career Services (GSU)  860.768.4287
  Cooperative Education (Fax) 860.768.5141
  Student Employment (Fax) 860.768.4287
Consortium for Higher Education, Hartford 860.702.3801
Counseling and Psychological Services (GSU) 860.768.4482
Disabled Student Services (GSU) 860.768.4260
Emergency Calls   860.768.7777
      Intercampus ext. 7777
Financial Assistance (BH)   860.768.4296
Handel Performing Arts Center 860.768.2488
Health Services (SC) 860.768.6601
Informer Student Newspaper 860.768.4723
International Center (GSU) 860.768.4870
International Student Advisor (GSU) 860.768.4873
Libraries (HJG)   860.768.4268
  Mortensen, Reference 860.768.4142
    Art  860.768.4397
    Circulation 860.768.4264
    Interlibrary Loan 860.768.4364
    Periodicals  860.768.4811
  Allen, Music Circulation   860.768.4491
LINCS (Learning in Noncredit Settings) (CC) 860.768.4373
Media Relations (UC)   860.768.4340
Multicultural Programs (GSU)   860.768.5122
Notary Public  
  SASC  860.768.4999
  Public Safety (O) 860.768.7985
  Student Government Association 860.768.4775
Off-Campus Housing  
  Graduate Housing 860.768.7792
  International Center 860.768.4870
Office of Communication (UC) 860.768.5234
Orientation (Student Success Center) 860.768.7003
  Permit-Public Safety (O)   860.768.7985
  Ticket payment (SASC)   860.768.4999
President (CC)   860.768.4417
Public Safety (O)   860.768.7985
Radio Stations    
  WSAM-AM (UC) 860.768.4238
  WWUH-FM (HJG) 860.768.4703
Registrar (CC)   860.768.5565
  Grades 860.768.4460
  Registration Inquiries 860.768.4999
  Transcripts 860.768.5588
Religious Services Information 860.768.4750
Residential Life, Office of (F complex) 860.768.7792
Sports Center 860.768.5070
Sports Hotline 860.768.5555
Student Affairs (GSU) 860.768.4260
Student Centers Administration and Campus Events Hotline (GSU) 860.768.4283
Student Conduct Administration (Judicial Office) 860.768.5402
Student Government Association (GSU) 860.768.4775
Summer and Winter Programs (CC)   860.768.4978
Television News, Channel 2 (Student) (GSU) 860.768.5213
Television Studio (Division of Media Technology Services) (HJG) 860.768.4776
University Physical Therapy, LLC (SC) 860.768.5335
Work-Study Program (BH) 860.768.4296
Yearbook (GSU) 860.768.4724
*Location Key
  BH Bates House
  CC Auerbach Computer and Administration Center
  GSU Gengras Student Union
  HJG Harry Jack Gray Center
  O Operations
  SASC Student Administrative Services Center (2nd floor of CC)
  SC Sports Center
  UC University Commons
Web Resources  
Athletics www.hartford.edu/athletics
Bursar www.hartford.edu/bursar
Commencement www.hartford.edu/commencement
Registrar www.hartford.edu/registrar
Student Administrative Services Center www.hartford.edu/sasc
Student Affairs www.hartford.edu/student_affairs
University news www.hartford.edu/daily
University website www.hartford.edu