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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]


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Professors Borucinska, Cohen (emeritus), Coleman (emeritus), Dix (joint with Health Sciences), Simpson (emeritus), Wallace (emeritus)
Associate Professors , Frankel (Interim Chair), Levesque, Zhu
Assistant Professors Li, Silver, Zhu
Instructor Larsen

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is designed to offer students a broad background in the biological sciences, permitting more free electives than the B.S. program. Biology electives allow students to pursue a variety of specific interests that may lead to positions in government, industry, environmental fields, teaching, and health care professions.

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree program also provides interested students with a broad approach to biology but requires a more comprehensive background in mathematics and the natural sciences. The B.S. program is recommended for students planning to continue to continue study in medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, and related professional schools such as osteopathy.  The B.S. program is also recommended for students planning to continue study in graduate school and pursure a research career.

Prospective biology majors should begin the chemistry sequence (CH 110 -CH 111  or CH 114 -CH 136 ) in the first year.

The Environmental Studies minor requirements can be found here .

Pre-Pharmacy agreement with University of St. Joseph

The University of Hartford, in conjunction with the University of St. Joseph Pharmacy School, offers a path to earn both a B.S. in Biology and Pharm. D. degree in six years. 
Students who expect to transition from the BS in Biology to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program at St. Joseph’s University should discuss this option with their adviser and the Chair of the Biology Department as soon as they arrive on campus, as there are particular courses students must complete to be eligible for matriculation at St. Joseph’s University. Eligible students must apply for admission to the St. Joseph’s program during the summer before the junior year. Students accepted into the Pharmacy Program at St.  Joseph’s will complete their requirements for the BS in Biology at St. Joseph’s during their senior year as they begin their Pharmacy coursework. The B.S. degree is awarded after the first completed year at the University of St. Joseph. For more information about the program’s requirements, please consult with the Chair of the Biology Department.

Writing Requirement

Biology department writing requirements include essay tests, laboratory reports, and short papers.

Graduate Programs

Master of Science
Thesis and Non-thesis tracks in Neuroscience

For a detailed description of the above graduate programs, please see the Graduate Bulletin.

Graduate Courses

The following graduate-level courses are open to qualified students:

  • BIO 518 - Neuropharmacology 3 credits
  • BIO 520/PSY 571 - Introduction to Neuroanatomy 3 credits
  • BIO 530 - Neurogenetics - 3 credits
  • BIO 538 - Principles of Neurophysiology 4 credits
  • BIO 540 - Neuroethics 3 credits
  • BIO 555 - Vertebrate Histology 4 credits
  • BIO 576 - Pathophysiology 4 credits



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